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0xCB Pluto

0xCB Pluto is a Pro Micro compatible controller designed by u/0xCB-dev.
Published May 10, 2022

0xCB Pluto, this new development board by 0xCB, is not just Pro Micro compatible but also has all 25 pins of the ATmega32U4 broken out, just like D- and D+.

Teased by Conor in January, the first samples are out for testing, and the files of the Pluto have been published this week too.

  • electrically and physically compatible with the standard Pro Micro
  • exposing all 25 available pins
  • D- and D+ broken out too
  • featuring USB C
  • flatter design for tight builds (mid-mount connector)
  • pre-flashed with the QMK DFU bootloader
  • open-source

D- and D+ broken out makes it possible to easily use it with e.g. the unified USB daughterboard.

We do plan on selling it in the future. Just want to get the hype going a bit. ;) […] We will offer them for EU only. But we are in the talks with a vendor in the US. He ships worldwide... – 0xCB-dev

KiCAD and Gerbers files available in this GitHub repo:

Btw, 25 pins mean 600 switches handled by a single controller board (see the square matrix). :D Just tellin'…

For those who understand German, Jacob and Conor, founders of 0xCB, talk about their startup and mechanical keyboards in general in Trommelspeicher/Das Duumvirat podcast:

#DD #045 – Vom Hobby zum Startup

Published on Tue 10th May 2022. Featured in KBD #78 (source).

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