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µ10 keyboard

The µ10 or Micro10 by u/dj_edit is a small 28-key keyboard with a big spacebar.
Published May 17, 2022
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The µ10 or Micro10 by u/dj_edit is an open-source 28-key hotswap keyboard with a QAZ-like layout.

The original QAZ, marketed by CBKBD as "a truly usable sub-40%", has 34 keys I guess so dj_edit took it to the next level by getting rid of some more keys.

My motivation for this build was to try out a sub 30s layout while also making use of a 10u spacebar. […] I also wanted to use the nice!nano I had lying around while learning ZMK at the same time, so this project was the perfect opportunity to do so – dj_edit.


  • 10u wide QAZ-ish layout
  • 10u spacebar
  • Designed to be wireless (via nice!nano + ZMK)
  • Optional daughterboard for OLED and rotary encoder
  • Integrated wrist rest housing the display and encoder via a daugtherboard
  • Kailh hot swap sockets
  • PCB supports a 1.25u modifier on each end if a split spacebar (2.25u + 2.75u) setup or 6.25u spacebar is utilized.

GitHub repo:


Btw, the QAZ seems to inspire a lot of people: there was the QAZer Beam, a beamspring-like case, the QAZ Simple another open-source case design, and also the C-13X, which is a fancy Alice-style 35% monoblock split.

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Published on Tue 17th May 2022. Featured in KBD #79 (source).



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