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1975 Kansas State Network Character Generator

1975 Kansas State Network Character Generator posted by HerbalNekoTea.
Published April 25, 2021
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1975 Kansas State Network Character Generator used to edit and display weather information during the 2nd half of the 1970s on a TV channel in the USA.

It uses Microswitch SW. According to HerbalNekoTea, the switches feel like space invader linears or Matsushita prong over membrane.

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Published on Sun 25th Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #23 (source).



ProgressivePear found a Viewdata terminal at work.

1986 Japanese Apple 'Mackintosh Plus'

1986 Japanese release of the Apple 'Mackintosh Plus' Keyboard. (M0110AJ). Posted by hewplah.

IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather.

Luxor ABC77

A 1984 Luxor ABC77 keyboard from the Swedish army posted by u/sadolf.

Cherry G80-1800

Cherry G80-1800 by countkrzysztof.

Berthold Diatronic

This cool Berthold fototype diatronic typesetting machine was spotted by OnlineLion.