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1983 IBM PCjr

1983 PCjr keyboard from IBM posted by rpiguy9907.
Published May 20, 2021
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This is the model which replaced the infamous chicklet PCjr keyboard regarded as one of the worst keyboards ever:

"The PCjr is widely considered to be one of the worst keyboards ever designed, and considered to be one of the main reasons why the PCjr was a commercial disaster." (Deskthority)

However, the improved model on the picture is still nothing special in terms of key switches, it's just rubber domes so it's not unusually awful either.

To quote CrazyComputerist: "It has a pretty nice compact layout, dye sublimed PBT caps, a glorious square metal badge, and looks a lot like a baby Model F. If they had buckling springs, people would certainly be paying a fortune for them and using them with modern machines."

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Published on Thu 20th May 2021. Featured in KBD #27 (source).


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