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36-key Corne

A 36-key Corne by steerpyke_.

Depending on the languages you use you may not need the outer column of the originl Corne.

That's exactly what steerpyke_ had in mind:

My 36-key Corne: 35g Kailh Choc linears, hot-swap PCBs, carbon fibre plates, self-coiled TRRS cable, and Elite Cs (ft. slightly sweaty x270). Running my own layout, built around Colemak mod-DH and homerow mods.

It's still a work in progress. Keymap here.

Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).



KUSOboard by covah901 with Longan Nano completed.



Pteron56: Alexander's handwired build is based on FSund's design. Some new plates added to the project.

Grandiceps with black pill

The Grandiceps is a black pill based split by vattern78 (git).

Custom Kyria

A Kyria built by _GEIST_ with trackpoint, haptic feedback and custom plates.