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3D printed Iris case

A 3D printed Iris case by DCharlo with STL files.
Published August 4, 2021
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STL files:

I already had my Iris soldered into the FR4 plate, and there did not seem to be any cases around that integrated this plate. The case only has the border and the top, so… naturally I made a base for it with a 7 degree incline, and some palm rests. I also designed it to fit all the stock hardware to make it as accessible as possible – DCharlo.

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Published on Wed 4th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #38 (source).


Tenalice Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous by Cerbekos is a new member of the Tenalice family, with a 45° numpad in the center of the board.

Stacked Corne case

Full body stacked Corne case open-sourced by u/atlantesque.

Sofle Choc case

A 3D-printed Sofle Choc case designed by lytedev.

Frandestein keyboard

FranDes made a handwired custom split: the wireless Frandestein.

Keyboard staggered two ways

Columnar keyboard staggered two ways by ak66666 (STL).


MY75 is an open-source hot-swappable 75% keyboard in a milled aluminum case. Shared by Skribbles4420.