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3D printed keycaps

Faux double-shot 3D printed keycaps by Symbiote.
Published June 20, 2021
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Symbiote was only aware of one non-groupbuy reasonably priced SA keycap set that supports Dvorak (SA Crisis).

However, he wanted something different, and more appropriate for the office. The result is this 3D printed keyset using this GitHub library:

I printed them upside down, so the tops are flat, but I made a small customization to the homing keys so they have some texture – Symbiote.

It's "fake doubleshot", since the plastic for the symbol is only 0.2 mm thick.

Print time was about 15 minutes per key. Printed in PLA on a Prusa Mk3S.

It's printing the legends first, then you print your key. So you are printing 2 files, one at a time, and not cleaning the first print off the bed.

With Prusa Slicer and a Prusa printer it's easy enough to do this as a single print. The printer supports changing filament part-way through the print, and with Prusa Slicer you can assign the 0.2 mm thick letters to be printed first, then have a filament change, then let the rest of the keys print.

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Published on Sun 20th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).


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