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3D-printed macropad

A Pico-based 3D-printed macropad by dr2mod with case STLs.
Published August 27, 2021
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My goal was to build a solid 4x3 macropad with as little off-the-shelf components as possible to reduce the final cost and necessity to browse the internet to find an elusive out-of-stock part – dr2mod.

Tutorial and code on GitHub.

Case STLs on Thingiverse.

Among the things there's also a relatively low profile keycap to go with the pad, with a spherical uniform profile resembling DSA.

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Published on Fri 27th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #41 (source).



Samuel Stephenson shared the files of Quill, a nice hotswap macropad with encoders.

Memphis 25

The Memphis 25 is a macropad by nickkallen with integrated SpaceMouse and USB hub (GH thread).

A 112-key macropad

The The ultimate macropad or G(igantic)FO with relgendable keycaps and MX style switches. Spotted by Technofrikus.

Christmas ornament keypad

Hide-key's new design is a Christmas ornament shaped macropad with X switches.


ScottoFrog by Joe Scotto – a 20-key handwired keyboard/macropad with Bluetooth capability (nice!nano).


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by u/dj_edit.