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40% size, 60% convenience

40% size, 60% convenience. by SouthPawEngineer.

I like the size of 40% boards, but giving up a number row and having to have numbers in a layer always felt like a major compromise for a lot of things. So I made these – SouthPawEngineer

The 5 way switches and extra tactile buttons in the middle provide 12 additional switches in an easy place while still minimizing the extra movement that would normally be required for reaching up to a number row.

In the middle in both examples is a rotary encoder that is easily reachable by both thumbs.

Published on Fri 25th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #32 (source).


The Uni - an ortho steno board

The Uni by petercpork is a sleek, unibody split ortholinear for stenography.

Protocol Seven

Protocol Seven, a monoblock split by PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME with a numpad in the center comes with source files.


Kinesis Essential rebuild with Bluetooth

This Kinesis Essential has been turned into wireless by sczizzo. Lot's of useful info in the thread.

Zephirum - an ergo monoblock

An ergo monoblock angled keyboard with some unique features by cdc_mkb.



Foam and plate files for Foostan's unibody Cornelius released.