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AsherKeats' 42Azalia is a monoblock angled ortho created by a PCB generator.
Published December 16, 2022
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The 42Azalia by AsherKeats is a gasket mounted 42-key unibody angled ortholinear keyboard driven by an RP2040. The case is tilted at 6 degrees.

42Azalia is my pet project and a test bed for automated PCB generator that I’ve been working on – AsherKeats.

The other interesting point is that this is split ready: the halves are driven by separate I2C IO expanders, and the controller board is actually in the brass weight.

More photos:

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Published on Fri 16th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #107 (source).



The Pohjola Works Sotka is an ortholinear split keyboard with an optional extra row.


The Gherkin++ is u/bgkendall's approach to augment the classic 3x10 layout.


This nice ortho keyboard is called keezyboost40, and designer u/sporewoh just published the PCB.

IBM 4683 POS matrix keyboard

The IBM 4683 POS matrix keyboard is an ortho from IBM - acquired by SharktasticA.

Little Foot keyboard

Little Foot – a 45% ortholinear keyboard designed by The-Royal and built by wayduh.

Noname ortho with X switches

This wireless split ortho keyboard by tdilshod supports X switches as well.