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A Commodore inspired Planck 64

A Commodore inspired Planck 64 with resin keycaps by 23_Andreas.

The alpha prototype of the case is PLA printed and the recess with the label is just a decal for now.

To reconstruct the original profile, the keycaps were scanned. At first, some keys were printed with PLA, but the author quickly switched to photopolymer resin for accuracy and detail.

"This version was kept white for a more modern look, something Commodore also went for with the C64C and C64G." The next version will sport the classic brownish colors.

For more details check the keebtalk post.

Published on Fri 21st May 2021. Featured in KBD #27 (source).


Through-hole ortho with a thumb cluster

BTY-80 - A through-hole ortholinear TKL keyboard with a thumb cluster by ajkldsz.

Railroad keyboard

The Railroad keyboard, DiplomacyPunIn10Did's first design, is now open source.


The Nils Olav

The Nils Olav, named after a famous Scotch penguin, is an easy to build ortho keyboard by twigulus with lefty numpad (source).

OLKB terminal

An OLKB terminal by jeffeb3 featuring a Void30.