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A Dactyl-like build with splay

This is a Dactyl-like Choc build by supertoughfrog with splay.

Gallery this way:

The case was generated with the Dometyl library. It uses Choc Robin switches spring swapped with 30g springs and features these Amoeba like 1u PCBs designed by ibnuda.

I used those new USB-C Pro Micros for the build and they worked great – supertoughfrog.

Source files pending.

Published on Mon 8th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #51 (source).

Tags: split3D


Hexagonal split ergo keyboard

This hexagonal split ergo by HellIsBurnin comes with in-depth documentation and a teaser.


Introducing lulu - a design by boardsource_xyz based on the Lily58.


Zack Freedman's Mirage

The Mirage is a low-profile mechanical keyboard with clickable OLED displays and CircuitPython.