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A machined keyboard with machined caps

A machined keyboard with machined keycaps by saturnfig.
Published July 2, 2021

Gallery with lots of pictures and some info:

Actual runtime + setup time on the case was ~70 hours (100 if you include the fixture) because I had to do 7 different setups and a lot of shifting and checking with my dial indicator until it was where I wanted it.

The whole thing was machined on a Haas mini mill, 16" x travel the case is 17.7" so that was what took so long. Also cutting the really small radius for the key switch cutouts took forever. The keycaps took a bit but not nearly as brutal as the case because 6 could be done at a time.

It "only" cost around $300. Most of the material was donated so that helped. Total BOM cost would be another $300 too.

Published on Fri 2nd Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).


Split keyboard concept for designers

A designer-friendly split keyboard concept by samanpwbb with 9 extra keys on the left for often used hotkeys.

Concrete keyboard case

The magic formula for the concrete keyboard by Chrislybaer seems to work.

Single-handed ergo keyboard/layout

A great one-handed keyboard project by key-yack with lots of ideas and links to related resources.