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A stylish Iris case

COrthbandt has built and shared a new 3D printed Iris case.

Case designed in OpenSCAD, printed in PLA on a Prusa Mini, spray-painted in Jet-Black.

Tenting feet are attached with magnets within the case:

I'm using super glue, gives a stronger bond. The magnets are pretty strong (10mmx3mm) and can pull their counterparts out of the feet unless those are really secured – COrthbandt.

Feet and case have rubber pads to prevent slipping.

Source file, STLs and instructions:

Published on Thu 4th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #51 (source).


System76 Launch

The System76 Launch is a keyboard project with open source case and PCB (git). Posted by jackpot51.

Rit dyeing a case

Making a case look less like plastic and more like glass - video by avgsgn.


Open-source Zodiark cases

Levener created different versions of 3D printable cases for the Zodiark by Split Logic Keyboards.


Tented Sofle case

An Alice-style tented case for the Sofle keyboard by foureight84.