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ADDS Viewpoint A2

An ADDS Viewpoint A2 acquired by Eragaurd.
Published November 27, 2021
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An ADDS Viewpoint A2 terminal keyboard by Keytronic with foam and foil switches.

More info and some reverse engineering goodness in this Deskthority thread:

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Published on Sat 27th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).


Heath Computer Systems

Heath keyboard. A thrift store find by mman426.

TeleVideo terminal keyboard

FoxGaming spotted this vintage TeleVideo terminal keyboard with NMB Yellow Space Invader switches.

Rolitron Rolco-60

The Rolco-60 by Rolitron was a dedicated microcomputer for currency exchange facilities in the early '90s.

Memorex 2051

A gorgeous Memorex 2051 terminal keyboard spotted by TechManPrieto.

Cakeday inventory 2022

My annual photo shoot of my (mostly vintage) keyboard collection.

Devlin spotted

A Devlin Electronics keyboard with tons of keys found by beez_y.