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Sebastian Stumpf shared the files of his Abomination, a classy split keyboard with trackpad and some splay.
Published October 14, 2023
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After teasing it a few days ago, Sebastian Stumpf (aka ADreamOfStorms) published the design files of his Abomination, a split keyboard with a Cirque trackpad, encoder, some tactile buttons and splay.

When I came up with the idea of this I thought it would be really hideous because of the lack of symmetry and so I dubbed the project "abomination", but now I'm actually really happy with how this turned out – Sebastian.


  • 36 keys (3x5+3 layout with heavy stagger and some mild splay)
  • MX, hotswap
  • Cirque 40mm trackpad
  • Four 6mm tactile buttons and ec12 encoder on the left
  • Powered by two 0xCB Helios controllers (Elite-C compatible)
  • Fully 3d printed case
  • Nylon and resin printed DES keycaps (on light bobagums)

Pic: Abomination by ADreamOfStorms

Abomination by ADreamOfStorms

The trackpad relies on keyboard magpie's adapter.

There are two plate versions for the case. A thin and wobbly default version and also a 'thick' variant that sits on the PCB rock solid and the switches pop in with ease. The author recommends the thick version, although it will consume about 4 times the material compared to the thin one.

If you like this project, check out Sebastian's previous keyboards as well: Narfpad, Narfkb, Uninarf, Narfkb2.


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Published on Sat 14th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #140.



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