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Ajazz x Huano Banana switch

Ajazz x Huano Banana switches reviewed by ThereminGoat.

Goat's first deep dive into Huano's switches with a preview of the first of Ajazz x Huano's new Fresh Fruit line of switches - the Ajazz x Huano Bananas. Does C3 and crew have some real competition on their hands for the best of the fruit switches...?

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Published on Sun 19th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #44 (source).


Omron B2H Hall effect switch

Omron B2H triple-magnet clicky Hall effect switch teardown by Chyrosran22 (discussion).

Kailh Polia tactile switch review

The Kailh Polia tactile switch falls short of clacklabs's expectations (video).