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Ajisai is a 58-key handwired monoblock wireless build by u/DCharlo.
Published August 19, 2022
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This is a handwired 58-key monoblock keyboard called Ajisai.

It seems the keyboard hobby slowly turns into a free Japanese course: this time we learn the Japanese word for the hydrangea plant which is 紫陽花 (ajisai). (Previous lessions: shiratama, ki, umo, penkesu, etc.)

The layout of DCharlo's keyboard is similar to that of the Lily58 but with Choc spacing.

ZMK firmware was super simple to create a shield for a monoblock as I found out! – DCharlo.

Case STLs on Thingiverse:

Firmware fork:

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Published on Fri 19th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #91 (source).


Monoblock Dactyl

A monoblock Dactyl by OmnisaiRen with build log and files to print.


The UT22 is a gorgeous 22-key unibody split for the Artsey/Taipo input systems – created by Bubbleology_3DP.

Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.


The Unibodysweep is – well – a unibody Sweep/Ferris by Lucordes.


The working title of u/Zonattu's 40% Alice-ish PCB project is Liisa.

Open Pteron56 PCB/case design

A PCB/case design for the Pteron56 by AlexanderNotLuthor (repo).