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Allium58 by Beekeeb

Beekeeb's Leo announced Allium58, a low-pro split based on the Lily58 Pro.
Published November 16, 2023
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Leo Lou of Beekeeb is back with another open-source project: the Allium58 is basically a Lily58 Pro with Gateron Low Profile socket compatibility, enhanced wireless capabilities and improved battery management.

After the release of Corne GLP, there has been significant interest among community members in trying out Gateron Low Profile switches. That's why I created Allium58 based on the Lily58 Pro created by kata0510 – Leo.

Allium58 shares the same layout as the Lily58 Pro and supports its original firmware. It can be built as a wired keyboard (using Pro Micro / RP2040 controllers) or as a wireless keyboard (using nice!nano nrf52840):


Some key changes:

  • Native support for nice!view or other memory-in-pixel displays, allowing low power consumption for displaying keyboard status.
  • Added power switches and JST battery sockets for easy power control and battery replacement.
  • GLP (Gateron Low Profile) hotswap socket compatibility has been included.

When using GLP key switches with a low-profile case, the overall height from the bottom of the case to the top of the keycap is approximately 17.6mm (0.69 inches). It is slightly taller than the Choc version and much lower than the MX version.



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Published on Thu 16th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144 (source).


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