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Ottimo's Alphalpha built by u/wayduh.
Published September 8, 2022
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This post by wayduh made me aware of Ottimo's Alphalpha+, a 30% PCB with a quite uncommon "semi-ortholinear" layout: orthoish top and home row, but the bottom row is offset by 0.5u.

The original design (Alphalpha+ v1) is not new, it was inspired by Luciano Malavasi's (aka PyrooL) Alpha, and was published earlier this year.

Compared to the Alpha, Alphalpha+ features an extra alpha key and spacebar.

However, this week there was v2 added to the repo which adds a new bottom row option (1, 2, 2, 1) to the original spacebar or split spacebar arrangements.

Other than this change, there is now a large flex cut above the exploded space bar section in v2.

GitHub repo Gerbers and case files:

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Published on Thu 8th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #94 (source).



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