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Anna keyboard

Anna is a wireless 40-key ortholinear split keyboard PCB open-sourced by Karl Grasegger.
Published January 26, 2022

The Anna keyboard, named after the designer's sister, is built on a split ortholinear keyboard PCB with pads for Kailh hotswap sockets. It has 5 columns and 4 rows on each side and is built for usage with Pro Micro compatible controllers supporting Bluetooth – there is no TRRS jack.


  • 40 keys split ortho
  • MX Kailh hotswap sockets only
  • puck support
  • Bluetooth only (no TRRS jack) MCU (Karl used a nice!nano)
  • you can fit a battery the size of a MCU on the opposite end of the PCB (e.g. a 250mah)
  • open source
  • plate outline available in SVG/DXF formats to order a nice acrylic one (or an FR4 plate by importing it into KiCAD)
  • on/off-slider support

GitHub repo:

Published on Wed 26th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #63 (source).

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