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Anodized aluminum MBK/MCC

MoErgo's Stephen announced an anodized aluminum version of both the MBK and MCC profiles.
Published June 26, 2022

MoErgo is cooking up some anodized aluminium Choc-compatible keycaps "for fun".

It has been a while, since we had been so busy, but here are some photos of the anodized aluminium keycaps we made. Since we are now partnering with @mburger, we have the possibility of offering the well-loved MBK and MBK Convex in aluminium too – Stephen.

On the left is MCC-profile and on the right is the MBK.

The MoErgo team is thinking about doing a limited trial run and they need your help to figure out what color and profile they should make.

We will start small: a limited quantity trial run with a single color and perhaps multiple key profiles. Perhaps 120 sets (total) of 2 each.

Help to figure out what the trial run should be by filling in this form:

Published on Sun 26th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #84 (source).

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