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Another Owl

Yet another 5x3 + 3 split keyboard and another going by the name Owl. This time by protoplancton.
Published January 17, 2023

After the Purple Owl we have another Owl now: Mathias Millet's (aka protoplancton/sapristi) 36-key (diodeless), MX-spaced split is a wireless-only keyboard.

Forked from the rae-dux, its a relative of the Architeuthis Dux.


Published on Tue 17th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).

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Ursa Minor keyboard

Fellow Redditor u/scissor_rock_paper finished his custom split PCB design dubbed Ursa Minor.

Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform

Presenting the Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform by Fmcraft.


Marco's DASBOB is a 36-key diodeless split with splay and buzzer.

GHOST - message from GEIST

Let's take a sneak peek into the keyboard journey and workflow of GEIST, this year's winner of the Seeed keyboard competition.

Protomic DataStealth

The Protomic DataStealth is an elusive monoblock split from the '90s, designed by Benjamin Rossen.

Another steno one

A custom keyboard for stenography by silly_world.