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Another true wireless split

A custom designed split by docgi with open source PCB.


The PCB - an own design - was inspired by Sofle and Corne-ish Zen. Ordered at jlcpc. This is a choc only wireless split keyboard with Pro Micro compatible sockets. It has Kailh choc spacings (18 mm x 17 mm) and MBK Choc keycaps (which has a size of 17.5 x 16.5).

Robin Kailh Choc switches.

Powered by ZMK with BlueMicro840.

Published on Mon 31st May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Wireless ortho travel board

The 0x32 "Brussels Waffle" is a wireless, ortho, low-profile travel keyboard by RadioactiveHop (waiting for repo).


Peregrine by SouthPawEngineer, a wireless ergonomic board with a built in trackpad module that can be removed and used separately.


PicOrtho powered by Python

PicOrtho: a Python powered ortholinear keyboard by SouthPawEngineer with Choc browns and MBK caps.

MBK Legend

MBK Legend brought to you by _tectonicplate and fk-caps. (You won't see many GBs here, but low profile caps in short supply deserve some promotion.)