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Anubis switch review

Anubis switch review by Zenjh.
Published July 19, 2021
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The thockiest tactile switch?

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Published on Mon 19th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).


Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo review

Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo switch review by ThereminGoat (source).

Raytheon 226274

This Raytheon 226274 from 1969 came with KB-SR1 switches made of glass!

Assembling 100.000 switches per day

u/Muilkinginuk posted a video of the assembly line at TTC(?) manufacturing 100 thousand switches per day.

Outemu clicky optoelectric switches

A quick teardown of the Outemu clicky optoelectric switches by Chyrosran22.

NK Cream+ with inserts

The NK Cream+ switches from NovelKeys come with different inserts that alter the sound profile.

Keychron camo switches

Honestly, where is this hobby heading? Dye-sub camo switches by Keychron.