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ArcBoard & ArcPedals

Chris Trotter added some pedals to his setup: ArcPad & ArcPedals – QMK-powered feet spaceships!
Published October 20, 2023
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The ArcBoard is a futuristic split keyboard with keywell and various integrated gadgets. Designer Chris Trotter aka crazymittens-r published a pedal extension: the mighty ArcPedals.

As promised, mk2 of the pedals, for your entertainment – crazymittens.


Keyboard specs

  • Split, 4x6 keywells with 5-key thumb clusters; 6x6 effective key matrix to program
  • Dual 34mm thumb trackballs
  • Dual 5-way dpads
  • Quad encoders w. LED backlighting
  • Connectivity via TRRS
  • Diffused LED indicator panel
  • TFT screens on both halves for doing fun things with quantum painter
  • Dovetail-attached large sloped palm rests
  • Modular design with M3 hot-melt inserts and M3x8 countersunk machine screws


Pedal specs

  • four actually-usable buttons per foot
  • trackball layer switcher
  • rgb rgb rgb

This trackball-like thing with the big led ring around it changes foot pedal layers: Swipe left/right/up/down to select 1 of 4 layers.



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Published on Fri 20th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #140 (source).


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