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Arisutea variants

The Arisutea is a set of Alice-like layouts open-sourced by mattjames03.
Published November 29, 2021
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As a result of his journey to recreate an Alice-like keyboard, mattjames03 published the source files of different Alice variants plus a case.

The layout was originally created by FateNozomi, inspired by Lyn's EM7 and TGR Alice with some modification. The layout was then modified by CorruptedJef and robotictomato to add USB-C, ESD and to shift/add some keys. This inspired me to modify the layout further by adding the ability to swap your switches out whenever you want and to make some keys a little more permanent – mattjames03.

At the time there are 3 variants and a stacked acrylic case in 2 different styles.

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Published on Mon 29th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).



The working title of u/Zonattu's 40% Alice-ish PCB project is Liisa.

FinnGus keyboard kit

FinnGus is a cat shaped 3D printed through-hole FR4 Alice style kit inspired by the cats (Finn and Gus) of JackPikatea.


Ming-Gih Lam is back with a new project: MidEvil is an orthoish/Alice monoblock split keyboard with a numpad in the middle.


Suika's Cisne is a cool 40% monoblock with 5% tenting.

Red Herring

The Red Herring by dj_edit is a split ergo 75% board similar to an Alice, but with columnar staggering.

Weikav Record Alice review

The Weikav Record Alice is an ultra-affordable kit if we consider the anodized alu case and the neat leaf-spring suspension.