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Armachat TOUCH

Not a classic keyboard, not a classic cyberdeck: Armachat TOUCH by bobricius.
Published December 2, 2022

The Armachat TOUCH "doomsday communicator" is just a bare PCB, not a real product and not open source either.

I still thought it may be worth a post since I find it inspiring: an ortho touch keyboard and a display recessed into the PCB (check out the video below).

Only bare PCB of prototype, more as collectable like usable. In to your collection or for developers. There are some bugs which I fix in next year batch (etc, fix keyboard backlight, change pinout and PCB trace antenna) – Bobricius.


Published on Fri 2nd Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #105 (source).

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Chonky Palmtop

The Chonky Palmtop by Daniel Norris is a cyberdeck with an integrated Corne.

Foldable split cyberdeck

An authoritative split cyberdeck that folds – files shared by legion.ultimedia.

RaspberryPERK cyberdeck

The RaspberryPERK (Pi Emergency and Recovery Kit) is a cyberdeck by Philipp1887.

Motorola MDT9100 conversion

This Motorola MDT9100, converted by Trammell Hudson, comes with an informative blog post.

Instructions for the Lisperati1000

Open source files and instructions for the Lisperati1000 cyberdeck by drcode now available.

Big boi inspiration

A retro frankenstein machine incorporating a Famicom/NES clone, a keyboard and a tv screen. Posted by chad3814.