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Jesus Climent published his monoblock Atreyu's PCB files.
Published April 10, 2022
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Jesus Climent aka jcliment published the files of his monoblock Atreyu.

As a quick summary: the original Atreis by deconnection was a handwired unsplit Iris. Later Jesus made a PCB for it, and, as of my understanding, the Atreyu is a modification of that PCB with an additional thumb key à la Lily58.

Thus, the Atreyu is "a Lily58fied version" of the Atreis keyboard.

Because the Atreis is the most convenient keyboard to take when on the go, but I need a couple of extra keys, like the Lily58 – jcliment.

Why Atreyu? Starting with the Atreus, technomancy's classic monoblock ergo, the name is further derived from the Atreis by adding the "y" as a reference to the Lily and "u" for "unsplit" I guess.


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Published on Sun 10th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).


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