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Avalanche v2.1 keyboard

The Avalanche v2.1 keyboard by vitvlkv is now open source.
Published June 12, 2021
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It's been awhile since vitvlkv build the Avalanche 1.0. He was successfully using it as his daily driver for several months. Naturally he wanted to make some changes in its design, so meet the second version, which is open sourced.

Git repo:

  • Improved thumb cluster: moved to the center making the fourth thumb button more comfortable.
  • Added the fifth button to the thumb cluster
  • Added rotary encoders support.
  • Rotated three outer columns for better pinky reach.
  • Changed the overall shape (top and bottom plates, as well as the PCB).
  • Added support for per-switch RGB lighting (as well as backlight).

P.S. On the image you may see the two inner index finger buttons are not installed. They will be removed in v3.0…

IMPORTANT: The author recently discovered some weird behaviour on a newly built Avalanche 2.0 keyboard (2.1 is almost the same). Currently, he is in the process of debugging this issue.

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Published on Sat 12th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #30 (source).


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