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Avocado55 trackball

Source files of the Avocado55 trackball with lots of mechanical switches shared by J-Tech Creations.

@tomohisa from J-Tech Creations published the 3D design files for the Avocado 55, a self-made trackball. It is released under MIT license.

The GitHub repo includes a detailed build guide:

And here is a detailed article on the personal aspects and experiences leading to this particular trackball project:

Published on Mon 22nd Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #53 (source).


Charybdis - Dactyl trackball keyboard

The Charybdis by Fmcraft is a Dactyl spin-off with well-placed trackball.


64-key split

This 64-key split by SKZBadHabit features a pointing stick/trackball (gallery).

Ploopy Mini open-sourced

The Ploopy Mini Trackball by crop_octagon is now completely open-source. All design files are available and runs QMK.