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The Azimuth is my handwired hotswap pseudosplit design with a handful of rotary encoders.
Published November 22, 2021
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Sorry for the shameless self-promotion.

The Azimuth is just another incarnation of my handwired hotswap Storm46, this time with a more classy plate contour, low-pro thumb keys and an unreasonable amount of encoders (not used, some not even wired).

Took this to a mini meetup the other day and realized I never posted about this publicly.

Story and more details:

Plates if somebody is interested:

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Published on Mon 22nd Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #53.


Open body enigma36

A new enigma36 by sadekbaroudi, this time an open body version.


Batreeq: A 30-key pseudosplit keyboard by AlSaMoMo – with a trackball and scroll ring.


This is Ahokore by _dezli, which makes use of a nice!nano and ZMK for Bluetooth functionality.

Handwired ortho with PCB

A handwired ortho with PCB? - with photolog by bgkendall.


The Reviung-inspired ReviungDash47 by tumler comes with some extra keys.

Atreyu V2

New year, new Atreyu. Rev2 with choc spacing by jcliment.