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The BFY-1 (the beefy one) by u/bad1o8o is a 18x6 ortho with case STLs.
Published May 15, 2022
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The BFY-1 (pronounced "beefy one") is a 6 rows, 18 columns orthogonal keyboard case for a "non-split" version of the BFO-9000 (from keebio).

The case has a 5° angle built in and the plate is gasket mounted. The internals are a regular BFO-9000, two Pro Micros MCU's, the diodes and reset switches with the only deviation being the handwired TRRS connection without jacks. The cable is routed internally for a cleaner look.

Case STL available here.

"Use however you see fit, fork it, knife it, spoon it – bad1o8o."
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Published on Sun 15th May 2022. Featured in KBD #78 (source).



A CFX-spaced low-pro ortholinear keyboard by sporewoh: bancouver40.

Homemade keycaps

Some elegant homemade low-pro keycaps – posted by hide-key.

Little Foot keyboard

Little Foot – a 45% ortholinear keyboard designed by The-Royal and built by wayduh.

Mün 2

It turned out that RGBKB's Mün 2, mentioned last week, is now open hardware. Check out the repo.


Barghoot is an ortho board with integrated trackball – released by AlSaMoMo.


T-rex is an open-source through-hole ortholinear keyboard by Thunderguts13.