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BLE Morse keyboard

Mikey Sklar shared a wireless one-handed keyboard with Morse code as input method.
Published May 6, 2024
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This four-key device, created by Mikey Sklar, is not really a macropad but a BLE keyboard: using Adafruit components, it is capable of outputtin any ASCII character.

A few months ago I put together a 4-key Morse code keyboard that translates out to ASCII characters and connects over BLE. It is a simple design with source code, BOM and design files – Mikey.

Based on CircuitPython and Crysknife's morsePico project, it uses Morse code dots and dashes with a lookup table to translate characters.



The key operations are the following:

  • Key 1: '.' # dot
  • Key 2: '-' # dash
  • Key 3: ' ' # will do a space between words or show the Morse code buffer contents
  • Key 4: SEND # translates Morse code sequence to ASCII, sends ASCII over BLE



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Published on Mon 6th May 2024. Featured in KBD #164.


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