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Mike Barnoski published his first open-source keyboard: the minimal split BR/KN with trackballs on both sides.
Published April 23, 2024
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With its minimal 28-key layout, the split BR/KN ("broken") is Mike Barnoski's (aka miketronic/sepultor) first open-source keyboard.

I've always preferred small keebs and low switch counts. The idea for this keyboard was to design a small split that also incorporated two trackballs (can use one for pointing, one for scrolling!), and have some other goodies like LEDs and tact switches for occasional needs like macros or toggling the RGB – Mike.


  • 28 keys (plus 2 small tactile switches)
  • Low-pro Choc switches, CFX spacing
  • 2x 16mm trackballs (PMW3360 sensors)
  • USB connection between halves (or TRRS option as backup)
  • RGB lighting
  • Waveshare RP2040 Zero controllers
  • QMK firmware

It's worth checking out the keymap, and in the repo there are STLs for a flat keycap as well.



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Published on Tue 23rd Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #163.


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