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Baby Groot Keyboard

Sadek Baroudi's Baby Groot Keyboard is a cheap (or free!) split PCB with a lot of features.
Published November 26, 2021

The bgkeeb (stands for Baby Groot Keyboard) is a reversible 100mm x 100mm PCB with support for MX switches (no hotswap), per key led, rotary encoders, and exposes the SDA/SCL/GND/VCC lines in the form of the pimoroni trackball pins.

Given the PCB is so small, PCB prototype manufacturers will fab this for very cheap, or even free.

As of this writing, nextpcb will fab and ship this keyboard 100% for free (in green only). jlcpcb will fab and ship these for $2 (USD) – sadekbaroudi.

PCB in this GitHub repo:

Case files:

Build guide:

Published on Fri 26th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).

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