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Protieusz shared Ballz-Out, a Lesovoz style ortho board with trackball and trackpad support.
Published April 23, 2024
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Squashkb's offset ortholinear Lesovoz has inspired many keyboard models, the Ballz-Out by Protieusz is the latest in the long line of successors. What makes the Ballz-Out unique is the trackball/trackpad support on the same model:

I designed an open source Lesovoz-like keeb but with two options of pointing device on it (25/34mm trackball or Azoteq 43mm), named Ballz Out. The PCB has two connections for the two types of pointing device ready – Protieusz.

The board fits Rain's Hubris case, and is also compatible with a number of other cases like the Campsite, Pomelo, Carpool, Barca, Coriander, etc.


  • 28-30 keys, offset ortholinear
  • MX, soldered
  • on-board RP2040 MCU
  • trackball (PMW3360) and trackpad (Azoteq 43mm) support
  • roller encoder (optional)


STLs and Gerbers:

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Published on Tue 23rd Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #163.



RaffOwO shared his Vesuveus, a handwired monoblock split with orthoish halves and full arrow cluster.

PicOrtho powered by Python

PicOrtho: a Python powered ortholinear keyboard by SouthPawEngineer with Choc browns and MBK caps.


Sergei shared his PUR keyboard, an ortholinear one with offset spacebar and bent metal sheet case.


DigDug is weteor's latest model in the Orthocade family: with some exploded key groups.

Scotto34 PCB

The Scotto34 (PCB Edition) is a low-profile 34-key split monoblock ortholinear keyboard by Joe Scotto. Choc spacing, hotswap, exposed controller.

J73K: a through-hole ortho

The J73K by peeweejedi is an open source through-hole 15*5 ortholinear keyboard using an Atmega32a (git & glamour shots).