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Banana macropad

This is a banana shaped 3D printed macropad by dapperrogue with STL files.

To print your own, the project page (with STLs) is here:

Also on Thingiverse:

Featured in KBD #25 (source).


Knob Goblin

Knob Goblin: a 5x4 macropad with encoders, OLED and gallery by Chew-Magna.

Memphis 25

The Memphis 25 is a macropad by nickkallen with integrated SpaceMouse and USB hub (GH thread).

Walnut isopad

An isopad by Bitdrive_ made of walnut.


FnRow v1: a single function-row

FnRow: A QMK & VIA compatible macropad with a single function-row layout by dinofizz (pics, blog & git).