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Radliński Ignacy designed a Dactyl-like ergo split in Fusion360 – the Basilisk.
Published September 8, 2023
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Designed by Radliński Ignacy (aka l9nachi), Basilisk is a Dactyl-like handwired ergo split keyboard, drawn up in Fusion360.

Recently finally got time to assemble my last project - I call it the Basilisk. It is the first handwired keyboard I assembled, and also the first one I designed – l9nachi.

The controllers are WeAct RP2040 boards, it uses TRRS cable for communication between the halves, and at the bottom-most thumb keys you have Panasonic EVQWGD001 rotary encoders.


The case was designed in Fusion 360, and both the archive files and STLs can be found in the repo.


  • 36-38 keys (5x3+3+encoder per half)
  • low-pro switches
  • WeAct RP2040 controller
  • Panasonic EVQWGD001 rotary encoders
  • open-source case with keywell


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Published on Fri 8th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #202309 (source).



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