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Kotte's Batoid is a handwired monoblock split in a cute case. Small footprint, big personality.
Published September 7, 2023
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The Batoid by Kotte Computer Electronics is a 3D printable, Alice-like, handwired 40%. Designed to be printable on standard/mid-sized home 3D printers, it's faux-gasket mounted with sealing strip and sports a Pro Micro.

Finally got my latest design up on Github for anyone interested in 40's and 3D printing. […] I've wanted an Alice-like 40's board for quite a while, so when @theerland on the Swedish MK-Discord server said he wanted one too, inspiration struck – KotteCE.

The name Batoid comes from the fact that it looks a bit like a member of the Batoidea family superorder of fishes.


  • 43 keys, handwired
  • tilted, split layout, staggered
  • two built-in indicator LEDs ("blink during high typing speeds")
  • 8 degrees typing angle
  • Pro Micro
  • 3-5mm sealing strip with P profile

The case is held together with M3 nuts and bolts, and the 3D-printed plate is mounted with a 3-5mm sealing strip, giving you a comfortable, soft typing experience with materials found at your local hardware store.

Pic: Sealing strip mounting

Sealing strip mounting

If there's anything I recommend you try, it's the sealing strip mount. It's in the same mindfuck category as that cardboard keyboard that went viral a while ago, that sounds unreasonably good – KotteCE.

Sound test

Sealing strip mount + Hako Violet switches:


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Published on Thu 7th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #134 (source).


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