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Batreeq: A 30-key pseudosplit keyboard by AlSaMoMo – with a trackball and scroll ring.
Published November 7, 2022

The monoblock split Batreeq by Alaa Saad Mansour aka AlSaMoMo features a trackball, scroll ring and haptic buzzer feedback.

I have been using 30 key boards for a while and they have been the most comfortable. I wanted to learn how to integrate a trackball into them. So I designed this board – AlSaMoMo.

Based in Berlin, Alaa has been churning out ergo keyboards for the last couple of months, and the Batreeq – meaning "penguin" – is the latest one in the long list of his 30% splits and monoblocks.

All the boards you can find in his GitHub repo are/have:

  • 34/32/30 keys
  • Wireless
  • Diodeless
  • Tenting puck support
  • JST connector for battery


Published on Mon 7th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #102 (source).

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Zaphod in the acrylic plate case

Zaphod by petejohanson in the acrylic plate case.

The btrfly

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Early prototype for the Avlo44 by jrp22.

Ki board

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ErgoChoco is a well-documented open-source pseudosplit build by Choco617.

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