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Behind the Scenes of Issue 30

Behind the Scenes: Personal favorites. Split database revamp continued. Some vintage keyboards acquired. Issue 29 follow-up.


This was a pretty good week for keyboard builders. I personally learned a lot. There were not just some open source designs published, but we could also learn about copper cases with patina, tetrominoes, and an alternative low profile keycap.

Other than that, I acquired some vintage keyboards locally, one being the Gepard-8, a teletype keyboard from the '80. Not yet disassembled, but I guess it's optical.

And I continue working on my split database. I need a few days yet before publication.

Issue 30 personal favorites

I browse all the keyboard related subreddits at least daily, but because of my work on the split database and other tasks, during the week I mostly bookmarked promising posts without reading. It was only this weekend when I put together this issue and realized we had quite an exceptional collection of great projects and ideas this time!

Aside from the open source projects (KUSOboard and Avalanche) I'd like to highlight the [...]

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Published on Sun 13th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #30 (source).


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