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Behind the Scenes of Issue 32

Highlights and personal favorites. The split database keeps growing. Minimizing keyboard-mouse alternation. Plans and priorities.
Published June 28, 2021
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Open-source projects: Pteron36 PCB by smart345bond is ready to be manufactured and Ergodonk by Lithocut to be printed. There is the Pluckey by PizzaonPinapple and ijauradunbi brought SectorC to my attention (as well as other members of the Sector family).

The ergoJoy, Amalgamate and some new designs by SouthPawEngineer came without source files, but they are still worth checking out for inspiration.

A 3D-printable PCB generator by 20an6xy06r6n is now available, just like an encoder knob STL from jamidodger and SB1, a flat keycap STL by sadekbaroudi.

Two informative graphs (on socket heights and tactile stems), reviews of the Tecsee Sapphire, All Clacks and Snag switches, and some cool keyboard spottings (check the story behind Mattel's ECS!) end this week's issue.

Personal favorites

If time spent with a post, doing further reading and researching is a good indication of favorites, mine were the […]

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Published on Mon 28th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #32 (source).


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