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Behind the Scenes of Issue 42

Scam attempt, giveaway winning streak – I must be in possession of the secret method, sustainable keyboard hobby, new tool in the making. Issue 41 follow-up and brutal monthly visitor record.


Scam attempt

A chat message was awaiting me the other day and I had to share the good news with my family instantly: "Hey, I've just won a keyboard!" Actually, a prototype from a limited set of keyboards to be sent to some lucky reviewers. Wow! I was flattered.. for like 5 seconds. Then I checked the user and it turned out he has a negative karma and his post history is full of similar bad jokes...

Before I could get in a kind of lethargy though, I received another message: I won a keyboard. This time for real. ;)

Giveaway authority

Since I won three giveaways in a row worth about $400 in a couple of weeks, I'm humbly starting to consider myself a giveaway authority and decided to share my strategy and method even if that will shorten my own odds.

(No, I'm not talking about creating multiple users or other shady actions.)

However, I have to...


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Published on Mon 6th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


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