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Behind the Scenes of Issue 45

Vendor database update, 5 new discount codes. Issue 44 follow-up.

This editorial is shorter than usual and the next one will be even shorter I guess.

The reason: I've been an organizer of an annual local TEDx event in the past 9 years. I'm not the most active one lately and I try to restrict my activities to the website and remote help but the event will be held next weekend and I will be in charge of all kinds of tech on-site.

So I will probably spend my weekend backstage in a conference hall. Which may be both thrilling and fun btw. A few years ago the event was held in a puppet theater and it would have been too expensive to remove a cool full-stage handcrafted scenery of a fairytale town built for a show. So that afternoon I was half lying in a tiny wooden house with my laptop, peeking out from a tiny window and balancing to avoid falling into a...


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Published on Mon 27th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #45 (source).


Behind the Scenes of Issue 41

Developments, Reddit cake day inventory, Issue 40 follow-up, to-do list, etc.

Behind the Scenes of Issue 39

Behind the Scenes: Lots of changes and developments, Issue 38 follow-up, most popular posts, to-do and priority list.

Behind the Scenes of Issue 49

New vendor map with sneak peek. Vendor database update with new discount codes. Olympia SM2. Is this a typewriter collection now? Issue 48 follow-up.

Behind the Scenes of Issue 43

Keyboard vendor database, new promo codes, moving, MOMOKA Frogs save the day, pearls cast before swine (me).

Behind the Scenes of Issue 36

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 29

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