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Behind the Scenes of Issue 49

New vendor map with sneak peek. Vendor database update with new discount codes. Olympia SM2. Is this a typewriter collection now? Issue 48 follow-up.
Published October 25, 2021

Vendor database update

Some new shops (7), new discount codes and a new interface.

I'm not sure about which are the new discount codes, I forgot to take notes, but there are 32 shops with coupon codes now. I guess Zeal PC and StayWires/Koi Cables must be the new ones added last week.

Some developments: shop cake day indication. Probably not the most useful function but another incentive for vendors to provide more data. Shops providing date of founding are highlighted on their anniversaries.

Also, I made some changes in the way shop team info is displayed (if detailed/multiline).

What's more interesting though: there is an upcoming vendor map I'm going to publish in the near future. It needs some final touches but it's almost finished. Members can find the link to the map below and can check it before making it public.

Vendor map preparations

So this will be another interface for the same dataset but with an extra function: answering some question the database is not capable of atm. Like "Any shops in my neighborhood?" or "Is there a keyboard shop in the Middle East?".


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Published on Mon 25th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).

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