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Behind the Scenes of Issue 54

Major split database update on the way, developments, giveaway follow-up, on the UNO Mini & Adafruit KB2040 controllers, Issue #53 follow-up, Movember.
Published November 29, 2021

Split database update

This weekend it came to me how outdated my split database can be. It was definitely high time for a major update so that's what I did – or at least what I started to do.

Even though I've diligently posted new split designs on in the meantime, the two data tables are very different with different goals, structure and tag system – so it's not that easy to move records from kbd issues into the split list.

As it turned out, the last time I tried this was half a year ago, somewhere in May.

I started with a...


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Published on Mon 29th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).

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