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Behind the Scenes of Issue 67

Keyboards in shelled homes, refugee crisis and some of your options to help.

Published February 28, 2022
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Hey y'all,

You know something is wrong when you find yourself spotting keyboards in war reports – like the ones in the cover image. Sorry if this issue seems to be sloppier than usual but priorities shift when history is being written real-time and right next door.

I live just an hour's drive away from the Ukrainian border so, as much as I like this hobby, these days I'm more concerned about what's happening over there.

Despite being a blackbelt couch potato and armchair warrior, this week I'm heading to the border where we have close family members, friends and coworkers on both sides.

While the westermost part of Ukraine is safe for now, we take food and various supplies for refugees and to charities operating in the area.

The main route of refugees is Poland, but already 77,000 people have crossed the border to Hungary in just four days. They are mostly women and children – men are not allowed through due to conscription.

If you are willing to help, donate to well-known charities (and try to avoid scams):

Thanks, Tamás

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Published on Mon 28th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #67.


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