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Behind the Scenes of Issue 79

Issue #78 follow-up, new shops and discount codes, the historic KBD#1 is now partially available too, small developments.

Published May 23, 2022

Hey y'all,

Welcome back for another edition of Keyboard Builders' Digest (this time Issue #79), a weekly roundup of this DIY keyboard focused newsletter and blog from Tamas Dovenyi – that's me. If you are new to this, you can read how this started out and what this is all about nowadays. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to the newsletter (free) and donate some bucks to keep this otherwise free and ad-free project alive.


You were very productive recently, a lot of cool keyboard projects have been published last week. Thanks to all the contributors!

In fact, I'm still waiting for some feedback from 5-6 authors before I can feature their projects.

Issue #78 follow-up

After posting the 0xCB Pluto controller, @Trommelspeicher commented to the Twitter post about a recent podcast (in German) where Jakob and Conor, founders of 0xCB (along with CCH! podcast's Philipp) talk about their startup and mechanical keyboards in general:

(As you can see, there will be a barebone Static kit given away. Feel free to try your luck.)

New shops and discount codes

Divinikey offered you a 5% discount (coupon code: KBDNEWS). In addition, I might get a small share of the fortune you spend there so it's another form of supporting

And Reed's Keebs in Montana, US, is now added to the database. Use the code "prototypist5" to get a 5% discount on all prototype keyboard kits that Dylan sells. (Will only work on prototype boards!)

Finally, Amanda from Seeed Studios pointed me to their promotion: free PCBA service with a XIAO RP2040 included. More info here.

Issue #1 :D

@StenoKeyboards' tweet with the first(?) steno patent reminded me of my very first post on r/ErgoMechKeyboards, which happens to be part of KBD#1. Well, there wasn't yet, this project wasn't even called Keyboard Builders' Digest but my weekly Reddit post went simply by the title "Quick links".

The point is, these early issues were not yet on so it was high time to fix this – at least partially –, so I added some posts from issue #1.

Folks, content-wise, that first issue in November 2020 was actually kick-ass. (Sorry if I reopen old woulds with the MBK Legend announcement.) However, revisiting that post I found a recent comment by _tectonicplate from two weeks ago:

After many delays, production is supposedly finished, just waiting on shipping.


Now you can enlarge the top pic of posts...

And I made some changes to the formatting of the issue pages.


That's all for today folks.

Feel free to comment in this issue's r/mk thread, and as always: keep learning and building.

Cheers, Tamás

Published on Mon 23rd May 2022. Featured in KBD #79.

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