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Behind the scenes #149

Keyboard projects, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, new vendors and discount codes!

Published January 5, 2024
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 120K readers.

Hey everyone, happy new year once again. Before we kick off 2024 with some cool DIY keyboard projects, you might check out my previous BTS/issue, the last one of 2023, and also my wrap-up of 2023. I had no time for newsletters so some of you may have missed these.

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Posts worth sharing this week

Pic: Articulation70


  • The articulation70 is a successor to Myles Lee's articulation80 keyboard – with LEDs and a more personalized layout.
  • Richard Goulter's CH552-36 is a 36-key split with exposed SMT components and CH552 MCU.
  • Pic: CH552-36


  • Jason Hazel shared the latest iteration of his Chaz, with Choc-spaced QAZ layout – and on-board STM32F702 controller.
  • Markus Knutsson announced his Chameleon, a versatile ortholinear keyboard with both Preonic and Planck layouts (snap-off bottom row).
  • The Pyramidka is a 3d printed, handwired, 40% keyboard shared by aroum.
  • Pic: ScottoKatana


  • Joe Scotto's ScottoKatana is a 33-key handwired keyboard with symmetric stagger.
  • Sporewoh's modkipz40 is a monoblock split pocket keyboard using mouse switches.
  • Pic: Quill render

    Quill render

  • Samuel Stephenson shared the files of Quill, a nice hotswap macropad with encoders.
  • Pic: Planeta v2

    Planeta v2

    "I made a 3D typing test to make you motion sick" – GG00325.

    • The humbly named Cool Typing Game by GG00325 drives me crazy but may work for you. Just slightly obtrusive.

    Pic: Cool Typing Game

    Cool Typing Game

    Pic: Tana58


    • WIP: BFB_Workshop is working on something interesting – Compaq'ed is an ortho PCB for the Cherry G80-11800.
    • Switch: Gateron Melodic switch – a new click mechanism?

    Pic: Gateron Melodic switch click mechanism

    Gateron Melodic switch click mechanism

    • Meme: I'm slightly late with this, but Jerre remixed Pavlo's sphere keyboard into a Christmas ornament.
    • Weekly meh: Microsoft is adding a dedicated Copilot key to keyboards.

    Keyboard art

    There were multiple contenders for this week's keyboard art column of the newsletter.

    I don't want to leave anyone out: Drift by timception, a custom Adam by Mattywoonyc, Dune-punk Unicorne by mkarikom, and Sonora Sunset-Sunrise artisans (name of a rock, tri-color jasper) by KeycapQuarry.

    Pic: Drift by timception

    Drift by timception

    Pic: Custom Adam by Mattywoonyc

    Custom Adam by Mattywoonyc

    Pic: Dune-punk Unicorne by mkarikom

    Dune-punk Unicorne by mkarikom

    Pic: Sonora Sunset-Sunrise artisans

    Sonora Sunset-Sunrise artisans


    For all the donation options check out the donation page!

    In the mailbox

    The parcel has arrived. (Sorry for the potato photos, these mats deserved better.) Really cool, high-quality deskmats, thanks a lot:


    Pic: deskmats deskmats

    And some Coffeekeys stuff is here too. Thanks for the special discount Matteo. That said, I messed up the order and now I'm building the DR-70F without stabs to be able to take some photos… :D

    Pic: Building the DR-70F by DaringRun

    Building the DR-70F by DaringRun

    Some more parcels on the way, e.g. I just paid VAT for the Ergohaven HPD.


    Something happened on Dec 30, but I can't figure out what exactly. There was a huge peak in unique visitors (CF) but I can't see that big of a change in pageviews (GA). More visitors than pages checked? Anyway, the new visitor record is 121K unique users per 30 days now. Somebody grabbed the whole site but did it in a clever way? Or DoSed the same few pages for some reason? Idk.

    Meetup database

    New addition:


    As always, this meetup database is both a calendar and an archive so feel free to send me upcoming events or even ones from the recent past to make this collection as comprehensive as possible.

    Vendors & Discounts

    New shops and updates to the database of keyboard vendors this week:

    • Markus/TweetyDaBird offered you a 5% discount (KBDNEWS) on base kits (Lotus/Chameleon/LBS), valid this month.
    • NLandkeys added. Probably China, I'll update the entry if I get any response.
    • added too.


    That's it for today, thanks for reading. Until next time,

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    Published on Fri 5th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #149.


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